About the Foundation

In the Beginning

Jerry Gray and his wife have spent several years and several endeavors in reaching back and helping those in the less fortunate community where they grew up in east Lubbock, Texas. Over the years, these endeavors have consisted of free Jerry Gray/Young Life football camps, Jerry and Sherry Gray private scholarships, donations to the Boys/Girls Club, and funding to Texas Tech/Marsha Sharp’s basketball camps for the Estacado High School girls’ basketball team.

The Next Steps

It will always be a goal of Jerry and Sherry Gray to offer a hand up to young people in need. The opportunity to do so has become a lot easier however with the help of Texas Tech University who will partner with the Jerry Gray Foundation by offering matching corporate contributions for scholarships to Estacado High School students. It is for this reason that the foundation will endeavor in several fundraisers aimed at attaining monies for these scholarships. The Jerry Gray Foundation will also continue in its efforts to offer trips that expose students to other parts of the world by taking them out of their communities and allowing them to see past their current circumstances and environments.

Click here to read a letter from Estacado High School Principal David J. Vasquez

A Letter of Thanks

Dear Jerry & Sherry Gray,
I want to say thank you for the once in a life time experience you gave to me. I didn’t think that I had a chance to make it on that trip, but you two proved me wrong. I really enjoyed visiting the Capitol and the memorials. I learned so much about those places. Your house is beautiful, thanks for sharing it with us. Seeing how far you two have made it motivates me to keep pushing and go to the next level after high school and college. I’ve been letting other students know how liberating that experience was and that its worth writing an essay for. Thanks a bunch!!!
Lots of Love,